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    946 Erin Street

    Winnipeg, MB R3G 2W5



    • 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


    • 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


    • 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


    • 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


    • 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


    • 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


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    • Bilde av Alana P.
      Alana P.
      East Elmwood, Winnipeg, Canada
      16. nov. 2017

      A passive aggressive experience not to be repeated...

      We had a tradesman come to our home to check out a faulty dryer. The company was supposed to call in advance to provide a more specific arrival time. There was no call, the worker (Norm) simply showed up at the door. He said he must have had the wrong phone number (could have been an honest mistake, but the rest of the experience makes me think otherwise).

      The tradesman checks out our dryer, and tells us the motor is done. We thought that might be the case, so we accepted that assessment. He said he could get us a replacement motor for $200 (not worth it). Then tried to upsell us on replacing our boiler. Said "even if you don't go with us, look into the Hydro incentive programs". Potentially sound advice.

      I go downstairs after he leaves to discover that there are new 8x10 sized NORIS company stickers applied (without permission) to our hot water & expansion tanks. The sticker on our hot water tank was strategically placed over the installing company's label (which included specifics about the appliance's installation date). The adhesive backings were discarded in our mop bucket in the laundry room (not in the garbage). Then I discover that the worker used our bathroom (without permission), left the seat up, and there was urine on the exterior of the bowl. Clearly he knew we had a garbage, but left the label remnants in the laundry room next door.

      He may have urinated, but I am pissed.

      We will never welcome NORIS into our home again.

    • Bilde av Robert R.
      Robert R.
      Meadows, Winnipeg, Canada
      5. juni 2020

      Terrible company! Called Bosch for service on our dishwasher. They sent our service request to Noris,saying we'd hear from them within 48 hrs. A week later I finally called Noris. They're attitude was "I wish they'd stop telling ppl that". Made an appointment for Friday of the following week In the morning. At noon I called Noris for an ETA on the repairman. She told me they didn't have us scheduled, brutal!!! This is now almost 3 weeks after the original call to Bosch. Terrible!'

    • Bilde av Jamie M.
      Jamie M.
      Winnipeg, Canada
      21. mai 2019

      Extremely negative and drawn out experience with these folks over eight phone conversations and 0 resolution. The company, while likely having some competent technicians, suffers from lacking even base level customer service. Rude, unreliable and disorganized as a whole, these people have got to get their act together and get someone who is capable and functional. They lost a family of business today because of it, and it's probably not the first time.

    • Bilde av Marie B.
      Marie B.
      Airport, Winnipeg, Canada
      13. mars 2019

      Service tech was rude when arrived, had many issues and damage done, he left without repairing and saying this was our issue. Mona the owner who is also very rude and not a business person told us she would speak to tech and call us back. She never did. When we called her back she hung up the phone on us. Do you really want to do business with someone like that. Not trustworthy or reputable. They are also not BBB accredited but I am filing a report anyway. In this day and age you do not treat your customers that way.

    • Bilde av Jim K.
      Jim K.
      Winnipeg, Canada
      8. feb. 2018

      our Maytag washing machine stopped working. we were referred to Noris who sent a very nice capable repairman. He determined the engine had died and was not worth repairing, even though the dryer was 4 years old. He suggested cutting the wires and tearing old one apart to make it easier to remove. which he did. went and bought a new dryer. installed it and it did not work. after digging deeper, i discovered a defective breaker which was replaced and solved the problem. i called Noris and they did refund my service cost but I am out a $600 dryer. asked if they would rebuild my old dryer from the parts and they said they'd get back to me... which they never did. People make mistakes but i am not happy they refused to fix the old one as i intended to donate to a charity. The employees were helpful people. The owner... did not even return my call. not very impressive.

    • Bilde av L D.
      L D.
      Norwood West, Canada
      16. nov. 2014
      Første anmelder

      This business also goes under the name of Noris Heating and Air Conditioning. I had them come in October to clean my furnace. The rep said my heat exchange unit had 2 cracks in it and I would need to replace my furnace. The tech marked the heater exchange with a black marker to "show" where the cracks were (I couldn't see any cracks). I was skeptical but made the arrangements with the rep to install a new furnace.
      The company is completely disorganized and did not book the appt for the install. They called me on the date of the supposed install and asked if my gas was turned on yet. I stated no one had ever shut it off. Anyway, at that point I told them to cancel the whole thing because they didn't know what they were doing.
      As an ofter thought, I called Hydro which apparently conducts FREE inspections when you are in doubt about what is going on with your furnace. The rep from Hydro came out the very next day after I called and informed me that there was nothing wrong with my furnace!
      Stay away from this firm unless you want to spend money!

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