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    • Bilde av Jacqueline H.
      Jacqueline H.
      Edmonton, Canada
      3. juni 2023

      Better than expected for fast food, and at an affordable price given most meals in Norway will cost you 160-300Kr for something super basic. This location was very clean given the number of hungry drunks. Watched as a drunk couple spilled their fries all over the floor in front of the beverage station, made no attempt to clean up the mess (WTF Norwegians?!), walked all over said fries, and STILL got free replacement fries from the staff. Pretty nice of them, I'd say, cuz I would have told them to clean up or GTFO. Idiots. Anyway! I liked the quality of my fish burger, very good for the price, and my husband liked his burger just fine. The fries by themselves looked OK, but the cheese fries were kinda yucky with nacho snot-cheese, onions and jalapeños.

      I'd go back, just to save money really, but honestly it was not that bad. Definitely better quality than your average American fast "food" chain store. The fish burger was double the size of a McDonald's Filet-O-Fish, was an actual piece of meat not chip-board flakes, and was coated in fried lentils. A nice surprise for 97Kr!

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    • Bilde av Patrick M.
      Patrick M.
      Atlantic City, USA
      29. juni 2023

      It's Scandinavia's impersonation of McDonald's. The burgers are good, fries a little too thin, and has tons of meatless options. The halloumi burger is my favorite. Was feeling meaty so got my iron intake.

      Will return. The hours are great too since most restaurants don't offer late night food options.

      Cheese & Bacon
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    • Bilde av Andy V.
      Andy V.
      St. Petersburg, USA
      5. sep. 2017

      A perfectly fine experience in a place where you aren't really expecting perfection.

      Wanting a quick bite so I can get back to my shopping, I stopped at Max Hamburger, what I assumed to be some type of Norwegian, "McDonalds", or at least a European take on my old friend...

      There are two ordering options:
      2. Standard (with a cashier)

      If you're American, you will more than likely have to go to option two as your card may not work in the kiosk. I tried ordering and since there was no pin option, it wants a signature- there is no option for that, so the order declines.

      I went to the counter, ordered with ease (which is what I should have done all along but I wanted to use the technology).

      Truthfully I can't remember the name of the burger I got because it was some crazy Norwegian
      name, but it had bacon, cheese, some thousand island sauce, similar to the Big Mac, fries, and some of their hot cheese sauce on the side. Upgrading your meal to a large will be 4 Kroner each, and I believe the sauce was 8 Kroner.

      My meal was around $17 USD which wasn't necessarily the cheapest fast food experience, but it was pretty tasty overall. The fries were fresh out of the fryer and the burger, while messy, was really good.

      Americans- a large is not a large here. Don't order a large thinking you're going to get an American-sized large drink or fries. The portions are smaller than ours, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The cheese sauce was good, but probably not worth it. Refills on drinks are 10 Kroner each so my recommendation is don't put ice in your cup so you get more beverage.

      I would go back again, nothing wrong with this location or the chain in general. The menu, like most fast food places is huge so there are tons of things to still try there.

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    • Bilde av Charlynn K.
      Charlynn K.
      Singapore, Singapore
      1. apr. 2018

      I'm not a fast food fan but I thought I might want to try something different other then MacDonalds or Burger King. More importantly, I wanted to see what kind of kids meal toy they had! ;p

      First thing upon stepping in is that there are plenty of self-service kiosks where you can place your orders and pay at the same time. To encourage more people to use these kiosks, orders placed through them get served first! Anyway, the first time that we came in here, we were used the manual counter method and our order took quite a while. Moreover, the kiosk required a pin number to be keyed in when using your credit card. We tried the kiosk-ordering method the second time around and it really was much faster!

      The most awesome thing that I love about Max Burger is that, for the first time, they have a beef patty salad wrap MINUS the bread! This was what I've always wanted all along but McD never had it, I even asked if McD could make something like that for me but they were unable to. Major plus points to Max Burger for having this on their menu - it's called the Salad Wrap consisting a thick, juicy beef patty wrapped inside a big lettuce leaf packed full with onions, mayo and tomatoes. I knew this wasn't enough for me so I also order a 4-piece chicken nugget meal with a drink, fries and a 'toy' - I was amused to see that instead of giving a toy, they gave a free Moo-min Glass! (yay, so I didn't have to buy any Moo-min collectibles when I stop over at Helsinki!)

      Tip: There is a code for the washrooms at the basement level (with more seatings but I preferred the seating on the first level as I love to people-watch!) on the receipt so be sure to keep your receipt! Washrooms cost a minimum of 20KR or more in Oslo, so FOC washroom stops are precious!

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    • Bilde av Alan H.
      Alan H.
      San Francisco, USA
      14. okt. 2019

      The McDonalds of Scandinavia. Max is a burger and fast food restaurant. You can either order on one of the computer kiosks or in person. I liked the kiosk as it was also available in English. One time I got a burger and another time I got a chicken sandwich. Both times they were just ok. I would highly recommend one of their sauces on the side. These really made the burger and fries special! The green garlic one was delicious!

      Max also specializes in alternative meats and vegetarian options. Theis is

      The milkshake was less sweet than many US fast food restaurants. This is ok, but it tasted bland. This location was always dirty with lots of food and trash on the floor. Its good for a quick meal.

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    • Bilde av Melissa T.
      Melissa T.
      Seattle, USA
      2. jan. 2019

      Was in Oslo for a layover on New Years Eve and there wasn't much open. Even knowing prices to eat out would be higher, it was still hard to find a "cheap" place to eat. So glad we found Max Burger, perfect solution: fast food! Order with touch screens, there's English translated menus (though the ingredients aren't translated so you have to take a guess on some items: as far as I can tell, Lakse = salmon, halloumi = cheese).

      I ordered the MaxBurger and the Chili Cheese poppers, pretty good for fast food! The chili cheese poppers were REALLY good. Sauce on the burgers reminded me of In N Out w/o the relish. Totally hit the spot.

      Location wise, there were plenty of seats downstairs, though it wasn't especially clean. Food came out quickly and they had nice music going. For the one place we'd be eating at in Oslo, I'm pretty pleased with our choice.

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    • Bilde av Tanner R.
      Tanner R.
      Providence, USA
      20. juni 2018

      First time eating Norwegian fast food and it was great. Food was good, fast and my sister was even able to get a vegan bbq sandwich. I would come back to this place if I needed a quick bite to eat.

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    • Bilde av Caroline S.
      Caroline S.
      14. sep. 2013

      Worst burger ever, it tasted burnt, it was all soggy, all in all, a nasty burger.
      Fries was okay.
      Mozzarella sticks was half fried and cold.
      The chili cheese was good though.

      It looked like the girl behind the counter hated her life, and gave me and my friend an attitude.

      Restrooms didn't work.

      I've heard a lot of good stuff about this place, so maybe I was really unlucky, or I personally just didn't like it...

      My burger, with half baked bread and this awful burnt taste on it
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    • Bilde av Can I.
      Can I.
      Pawtucket, USA
      19. juni 2018

      You order and pay on the machine and you pick up when your order lights up on the screen. I had the salmon burger and it was delicious: Plentiful, tasty, fresh, well-prepared. Better than and burger chain in the US.

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    • Bilde av Johan W.
      Johan W.
      Stockholm, Sverige
      29. juni 2015

      I love MAX in general (in Sweden) but the standard om this location is thumbs down. The staff is slow and quit unfriendly. The restaurant itself is boring. Needs an upgrade. Also, on the menu I'm missing the bean salad and some of the dip sauces. A plus is the wifi and that you can (without buying) get water with gaz for free in the tap.

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